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The RISE series of DIN-Rail PC are designed for harsh industrial environments. It features fanless and cableless, low power consumption and operating over wide temperature ranges. Its reliable design allows to withstand with mechanical vibrations, extremely hot or cold environments, power failures or environmental electrostatic discharges.

The RISE series has a modular and reliable design based on the newly emerged standard of Qseven core modules, which supports both Intel's Atom D525, Z5xxP and Via's Nano high performance CPUs. The RISE series integrates a rich choice of connectivity devices, such as multiple LANs, USB and serial ports, VGA, digital I/O and optionally WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G/GPRS modems, CAN and POE+ to match different industrial application requests.

Powered by Qseven Module

RISE series uses VScom's Qseven-modules for the CPU core to take advantage of the latest processor technology towards smaller size, low power consumption and higher performance CPUs.

The performance of RISE series swaps over processors range with 1.0-1.8GHz with

0.5-1GB memory. This flexible design allows to optimally configure the system to exactly match the application requirements and offer compactness and cost-efficiency.

Scalable Performance

The RISE 5000 and 3000 families are based on Intel's Atom D525 or Menlow Z5xxP CPUs in 1.10-1.60GHz speed range and 512MB to 1GB memory on board with overall power consumption of 18-22Watts.

The RISE 4000 family uses Via's Nano family with CPUs in 1.0-1.3GHz speed range and 1GB memory on board with overall power consumption of 18-28Watts. Using up to 6 CPUs the performance of the RISE systems is widely scalable to match and grow with the application demands.

Multiple Customer Options

RISE family offers a rich set of both standard interfaces, such as LANs, USB, VGA, RS232/422/485 ports, and dedicated interfaces, such as DI/DO channels, I2C, Timer/Counter and ADC channels.
Moreover, the customer can optionally plug in additional devices, such as WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G/GPRS modem, to support his application task. Some models optionally support CAN Bus and POE+.
 Wireless LAN
A MiniPCIexpress socket with both PCIe 1xLane and USB interfaces accepts minicards to support 802.11b/g wireless standard. Half- and longsize minicards can be used.

The same MinPCIe socket can be used with a two-in one WLAN&BT minicard, where the Bluetooth channel interfaces over the USB port. The RISE system provides two antenna holes on the front side.

The 34 Express Card slot (USB driven) can be used by the user to insert 3G/HDSPA/UMTS/GPRS/GSM modems and achieve data and voice mobile access to internet for applications where wired ADSL internet is not available or possible.
 CAN Bus
The CAN-Bus option provides a 1MBit/s high speed interface to connect to industrial CAN networks. Using the delivered API and CAN-Library the user easily can interface to CAN-Open. The CAN Bus option is a manufacturing option.

  Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
For the case the AC and/or DC power is not available at the application place the RISE systems can be completely powered over Power over Ethernet interface at the Giga LAN#2. The interface complies with PoE+ and supplies max. 25Watts. PoE+ option is a manufacturing option for RISE 3000 family.

All-in-One Solution

Equipped with a rich set of interfaces the RISE systems can be deployed in versatile applications. Besides standard PC interfaces, including 2 GigaLAN, 4 USB, 4 serial ports, VGA, High Definition Audio, 34 Express card slot, MiniPCIe socket, CF expansion slot and 1.8" HDD/SSD bay, the RISE systems provide also dedicated industrial interfaces, such as I2C, DI/DO channels, Timer/Counter and ADC. Moreover, the user can optionally plug in devices, such as WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS or 3G/HDSPA/UMTS/GPRS/GSM-modems to cope with additional requirements of his applications. CAN Bus and POE+ are model options.

The RISE series offer a rich connectivity set of interfaces and peripherals and act as a flexible and versatile All-in-One solution for industrial control applications.

Wide Operating Temperature

RISE systems are built in with an efficient power dissipation design and software power management for power saving standby modes. The RISE series are able to withstand extremely hot or cold environments ranging from -20 to 60C.

This makes it possible to operate them in harsh temperature locations, such as road sites or off shore power plants.

Efficient Heat Dissipation Design

RISE systems use a sofisticated fanless aluminum heatsink design, with dedicated thermal coupling and 9.5 times more cooling surface area for the heat dissipation.

Software power management allows the user to configure a multistage standby system throttling, which allows power saving and reducing of the power dissipation.
RISE 5000 and 3000 series (Intel Atom)

The RISE 5000 and 3000 series are based on Qseven modules, which use processors from the Intel Atom D525 and Z500.

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RISE 4000 series (VIA Nano/Eden)

The RISE 4000 is based on Qseven modules, which use various processors, up to the latest VIA NANO 64 bit CPU with 1.3 GHz. Together with the all-in-one VX800 chipset.

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