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≡ PCI to Serial

Following cards add serial and parallel ports to PC systems, as it is required in many apllications. Serial ports are used for many purposes, to connect devices to a computer. Label printers, temperature sensors, fax modems are only some examples.

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Add flexible serial ports to Windows, Linux and many other OS including MS-DOS
 Product Lines
VSCOM - PCI Express Card
PCI Express Boards

I) E-Line (128Byte FIFO)
VScom 200E v4 PCIex | VScom 200E PCIex
VScom 400E v4 PCIex | VScom 400E PCIex
VScom 800E PCIex

II) VScom Industrial Line
VScom 200Ei PCIex | VScom 200Ei-SI PCIex

VSCOM - Universal PCI Card
U-PCI Boards (3.3V and 5V)

I) VScom H-Line (128Byte FIFO)
VScom 011H UPCI Low Profile | VScom 011H UPCI
VScom 200H v4 UPCI | VScom 200H v3 UPCI
VScom 400H v3 UPCI
VScom 800H UPCI

II) VScom L-Line (16Byte FIFO)
VScom 100L UPCI
VScom 200L UPCI | VScom 200L UPCI Power
VScom 200L UPCI Low Profile | VScom 210L UPCI
VScom 400L UPCI | VScom 400LRJ45 UPCI
VScom 400L SP UPCI | VScom 430L SP PCI
VScom 800L UPCI

III) VScom Industrial Line
VScom 200I-SI UPCI | VScom 200I UPCI
VScom 400I UPCI | VScom 800I UPCI
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