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VScom 200I-SI UPCI

2 Port RS232, RS422/485, optical isolation, surge protection

VScom 200I-SI UPCI, a 2 Port RS232, RS422/485 PCI card
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The VScom 200I-SI uPCI is designed for RS232, RS422/485 industrial communication. It supports 2 independent RS232, RS422 or RS485 ports. Each port can be configured separate.
Available modes : RS232, RS422 fullduplex
RS485 full duplex (4 wire)
RS485 half duplex (2 wire) with and without echo.

In RS485 modes applications enable transmission by simply sending data.
This is done by ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control) intelligence.
The Transmitter is disabled exactly with the end of the last character sent. No modification is necessary in programs.
In addition, hardware flow control and built-in termination resistors guarantee data integrity.
Optical isolation and surge protection ara also available for RS232 Signals to deliver high reliability.
All of these features make VScom 200I-SI uPCI suitable for harsh industrial applications.
Optical isolated RS232 presents 200I-SI as a choice for medical environment.

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  • Phased Out, no longer available
  • Universal PCI 3.3 / 5.0V
  • 2x RS232, RS422/485
  • RS485 ART (Automatic Receive Transmit Control)
  • RS485 in 3 operation modes
  • optical isolation, surge protection (also in RS232)
  • PCI Plug and Play
  • IRQ Interrupt sharing, only one Interrupt per card
  • Drivers for Windows 95 to 7/2008 R2
  • Software compatibel with DOS, Windows 3.11, OS/2, Linux and div. Unix
  • Compact board (half-size)
  • Hardware flow control
  • Built-in termination resistors

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  I/O controller
2x 16C550C or compatible, each with 16 bytes Tx/Rx FIFO
  Connector type
Male DB9
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  Bus interface
PCI version 2.1 (32bit) Universal PCI 3.3V / 5.0V
  Serial interface
RS232, RS422 / 485
  No. of ports
RS232 Tx, Rx, CTS, RTS also with optical isolation and surge protection
RS422 TxD+/-, RxD+/-, RTS+/-, CTS+/-, GND
RS485 Data+/-, GND
  RS485 data control
ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control)
  Built-in termination resistor
RS422 120 Ohm
RS485 120 Ohm, jumper enable / disable
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up to 921.6Kbps
  Max. no. of ports
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None, even, odd, space, mark
  Data bits
5, 6, 7, 8
  Stop bits
1, 1.5, 2
Assigned by System
  I/O address
Assigned by System
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Available modes
full duplex
full duplex
4 wire , full duplex
2 wire, half duplex, with echo
2 wire, half duplex, without echo
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Power and Environment
  Power requirement
430mA max.(+5V)
  Operation temp.
0°C - 55°C
120mm x 100mm
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Operating Systems
  Windows 2000 up to 7
VScom high performance serial driver, x86 and x64 Editions
  Server 2000 to 2008 R2
VScom high performance serial driver, x86 and x64 Editions
  Windows NT 4.0
VScom high performance serial driver
control panel applet
  Windows 95, 98, SE, ME
VScom high performance serial driver
virtuell address driver and compatibility tools
real DOS Com port emulation
Supported by COM16 driver in recent system releases
Third party serial driver SIO.SYS available
Kernel 2.6 and up: built-in support
Previous kernel: VScom high performance real tty driver
configuration instructions
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Ordering Information
VScom 200I-SI UPCI
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  Packing list
VScom 200I-SI UPCI card
CD, English documentation
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