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≡ DIN-Rail RISC Embedded System

Embedded RISC Systems offer a new solution to classical application requirements. RISC Processors like the ARM are very efficient in terms of speed vs. power consumption. For industrial purposes the systems come in similar shapes and functions as classic x86-based industrial PC, but for lower costs.

Keywords: Embedded RISC ARM Cortex-A8 low power Am3517 Am3352 Am3354 Am335x 3G

Integrated Touch Panels, Display or flexible Ethernet plus Wireless and 3G/UMTS
 Product Lines
VSCOM - RISC Embedded Systems - RISC-CPU based industrial embedded computer
OnRISC series
The Baltos and Alekto 2 systems are of the new generation with modern ARM Cortex-A8 processor. An internal slot for a miniPCIe card allows use of 3G/UMTS or 4G/LTE mobile communication networks. So these systems are suitable for tasks like Remote Monitoring and Control via Internet, even in very far-out locations.
Baltos supports DEBIAN/GNU Linux, also OpenWrt. For small footprint to install into the NAND Flash memory the distributions buildroot and Yocto are tested and operational.

Baltos iR 5221 | Baltos iR 3220 | Baltos iR 2110
DIO Extender
VSCOM - RISC Embedded Systems - ARM-CPU based industrial VPN Routers
ARM VPN Routers
The series of VPN Routers will establish a network of connected Routers over the Internet, protected by strong encryption in an SSL-based VPN infrastructure. All configurations are handled in one place, and deployed to other Routers via simple methods.
3G/4G and WLAN are options as well.

VPNRouter iR 5221 | VPNRouter iR 3220 | VPNRouter iR 2110
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